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Using First Party Data for Email and Beyond featuring...

83 views June 10, 2021

First party data has always been king but with the pending demise of the third party cookie this...

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12 views June 30, 2021

Customers interact with brands across a variety of channels and expect brands to reflect their...

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ASU/GSV Summit 2021 Consumer's Increasing Expectations of...

27 views August 10, 2021

Udacity CMO, Kenny Kim, sits down with Blueshift Chief Growth Officer, Josh Francia, to discuss...

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Using AI to Create a More Human Experience

81 views March 31, 2022

Today’s cross-channel customers expect you to react and respond in real-time to engagement across...

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CDP: Is the Future Now?

128 views January 19, 2022

CDPs (Customer Data Platforms) continue to be at the forefront of most martech conversations....

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Connecting with Customers in an Ever Changing Environment

84 views November 11, 2021

Marketers sit at a nexus point between brand and customer. On one side (Brand), there are value...


Next Generation Journey Builder

5,808 views September 27, 2021

Take a quick look at Blueshift's next generation journey builder!


Blueshift's Re-imagined Journey Builder

767 views September 23, 2021

With Blueshift's enhanced journey builder, you can create sophisticated omnichannel campaigns...

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Is the Death of the Cookie the Death of Digital Marketing?

205 views September 22, 2021

Join Cian Murphy (Head of Content Marketing at International Living), Nick Chappell (Martech...

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Martech Session_ How Leading Brands Make Omnichannel a...

118 views August 27, 2021

"Omnichannel" takes on different forms for different brands. But we can all agree that as today’s...

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Are You Expecting Enough Out of Your Martech?

101 views August 24, 2021

Marketers buy martech to solve specific problems. However, this habit results in cycles of...

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Driving Customer Engagement in a Distracted World

218 views August 10, 2021

There are more companies than ever vying for your customers’ attention. Within our always-on...

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Activate Customer Data More Effectively with a SmartHub CDP

22 views May 28, 2021

With a customer data platform (CDP) equipped with smart tools like AI and full journey...

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Blueshift Engage21 Recap

641 views May 20, 2021

Experience our favorite moments from Engage21

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Webinar |Connected eCommerce Campaigns Need Connected...

127 views April 14, 2021

Join Brian Starr from OneSignal and Ryan King from Blueshift as they discuss the positive impacts...