Customer Stories

Customer Stories

U.S. News | CDP

192 views May 10, 2024

U.S. News Case Study Testimonial Cut- Engage 2024

Customer Stories

Ent Credit Union | Segmentation Efficiency

273 views March 26, 2024

Ent Credit Union cut on Segmentation Efficiency from Engage 2024.

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Ent Credit Union | Audience Segmentation

38 views March 26, 2024

Ent Credit Union clip on Audience Segmentation. From Engage 2024.

Customer Stories

Selecting a Customer Engagement Platform

70 views November 07, 2023

Mike Clem from Sweetwater on Selecting a Customer Engagement Platform.

Customer Stories

Zumper Uses Blueshift AI to Match Millions of...

12,563 views December 09, 2022

Zumper makes apartment hunting a joyful experience for its millions of users by using the...

Customer Stories

How Slickdeals Uses Predictive AI to Drive Revenue

14,891 views December 07, 2022

See how Slickdeals grows its community of deal-sharing power users using Blueshift predictive...

Customer Stories

Sweetwater Uses Rich Customer Profiles for...

8,325 views December 02, 2022

The marketing team at Sweetwater uses rich customer profiles to better engage with customers...

Customer Stories

Sweetwater’s Chief Growth Officer Mike Clem...

333 views September 15, 2022

Sweetwater serves more than 8 million music makers in the US with human-led 1:1 customer...

Customer Stories

How Malwarebytes Is Using the Blueshift -...

3,344 views October 20, 2022

Samantha Turner, director of operations and automation at Malwarebytes describes how Malwarebytes...

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Webinar | Customer Insight Series:...

252 views November 10, 2020

In this webinar, you'll learn how Fredrik Salzedo, CRM Manager Dplay at Discovery Inc....

Customer Stories

Webinar | Smarter Marketing Automation: The...

329 views September 30, 2020

Join Michal Halpern, Conversion Optimization Manager at James Allen, and Rohan Karunakaran,...