Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Webinar | How to Create a Winning Welcome Series

131 views March 13, 2020

Blueshift's marketing and technology experts walk marketers through the best practices and best...

Thought Leadership

Blueshift Engage 2020 Promotional Video

817 views May 12, 2020

What to expect at Blueshift Engage 2020.

Thought Leadership

Blueshift Engage | Gabe Dalporto's Insights on...

216 views July 24, 2020

Gabe Dalporto, CEO of Udacity, shares his insights on Blueshift’s ROI at LendingTree Udacity....

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Webinar | Email Deliverability: 3 Key Steps to...

153 views March 09, 2020

Blueshift’s Deliverability Expert, Kim Paxton shares her best practices for crafting a healthy...

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Blueshift Platform Tour

980 views April 24, 2020

An overview of the Blueshift platform and what data-driven marketers can do when enabled with the...