Thought Leadership

CDP: Is the Future Now?

January 19, 2022
CDPs (Customer Data Platforms) continue to be at the forefront of most martech conversations. During 2021, we saw more marketers than ever adding CDPs to the tech stack but similarly saw more marketers asking "what the heck is a CDP and do I need one?" GREAT NEWS! We are joined by THE CDP expert to discuss the state of CDPs and why they are important for marketers now more than ever.

David Raab is the Founder of the CDP Institute (and literally defined "Customer Data Platform") and will join Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer at Blueshift, to discuss the trends that are occurring in the world of CDPs and what to expect in 2022. This discussion will include:

What exactly is a CDP and has that definition evolved over the last year?
Why do CDPs matter for marketers?
Where will CDPs evolve in 2022?